BulletinBoard DHT

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BulletinBoard is a general-purpose Distributed-Hash-Table based on Kademlia.

The interface is provided as a D-Bus service via these commands (see example below or python example):

Service: org.manuel.BulletinBoard
  Object Path: /
  Interface:   org.manuel.BulletinBoard
   - Store(app_id: str, key: [u8], value: [u8], lifetime_sec: u64)
   - Put(app_id: str, key: [u8], value: [u8])
   - Get(app_id: str, key: [u8]) -> (values: [[u8]])

Please note that the value must not exceed 2048 bytes!

The lifetime for a value you Put() in the DHT is 15 minutes, so you should call Put() every, say, 10 minutes to make sure it stays in the DHT (or just use Store()).


1) Download

     # Debian/Ubuntu
     wget 'https://github.com/manuels/bulletinboard-dht/releases/download/v0.5.3/bulletinboard_0.5.3_amd64.deb'

     # Fedora
     wget 'https://github.com/manuels/bulletinboard-dht/releases/download/v0.5.3/bulletinboard-0.5.3-1.x86_64.rpm'

2) Install bulletinboard

     # Debian/Ubuntu
     sudo dpkg -i bulletinboard_0.5.3_amd64.deb

     # Fedora
     sudo rpm -ivh bulletinboard-0.5.3.x86_64.rpm


Usually BulletinBoard is used by any third-party applications to store and lookup data. You can use the DBus interface to do this by hand for example in your shell scripts.

Storing Data

The Put() command stores data in the DHT. In this example we store under the key what did you eat? the value [8B,AD,F0,0D] using the application ID mytestapp:

     $ dbus-send --session \
        --type=method_call \
        --dest=org.manuel.BulletinBoard / \
        org.manuel.BulletinBoard.Put \
        string:"mytestapp" \
        array:byte:"what did you eat?" \

Retrieving Data

Now we can get the stored data by asking the DHT what is stored under the key what did you eat?. Using the Get() command, we get back the [8B,AD,F0,0D] value we stored previously:

     $ dbus-send --session \
        --reply-timeout=60000 \
        --print-reply \
        --type=method_call \
        --dest=org.manuel.BulletinBoard / \
        org.manuel.BulletinBoard.Get \
        string:"mytestapp" \
        array:byte:"what did you eat?"

     array [
        array of bytes [
           8B AD F0 0D


1) Get Rust

2) Clone

     git clone https://github.com/manuels/bulletinboard-dht.git

3) Build

     cargo build --release

 (in bulletinboard-dht dir)